Connection Error

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After launching BeamMP BeamNG is starting then the launcher tell me that the game is connected, however i get this page
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io ho lo stesso problema, presumo sia l’aggiornamento non compatibile col multiplayer

I also have the same issue

Same issue here.

i have the exact same problem

I am also having the same problem I’ve tried using a vpn and that does not fix it please let me know if anyone figures out what’s going on.

Same here, need solution asap

Beam ng released a hot fix today. So we need to wait for beam mp to release their own hot fix. I wonder if there is a way for us to downgrade versions so that it works again,

How we will be notified of this new hotfix?

To my knowledge it is working now Im able to join my server. IDK about other ones.

The mod has been patched to work with the latest game version, please update BeamMP.

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same issue