"Connection Failed" when trying to join my server

I made a server for my friend and me, and whenever I try and connect to the server it says “connection failed.” I really don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it. I looked everywhere and it seems that no one else has this problem.

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Hello! Please make sure that you have portforwarded your server, make sure that any to all antivirus software is allowing beammp and beammp server, make sure that you are joining your server as local host (if you are using the same computer to host AND play)

Join your server with local host by joining via direct connect (IP: Port: 30814 )

do you have a guide on how to do that?

Yes, at the very end of the “How to settup beammp server” it briefly mentions it. When you are in the server list, there is direct connect option, just put in IP: Port: 30814

If I join on direct connect, only I can join but not my friends.

Make sure that your server is port forwarded

Direct connecting with localhost ( is ONLY for the host (you)
If the server is private, they will need to direct connect with your external IP and the port your forwarded