Connection Failed while Joining my own server

I have seen others with this issue on the forums that get very little help. I think its an issue with BeamMP thats not being addressed but I dont want to jump to conclusions. I try to join my own server after starting the .exe then I put all the info in and click connect then I get the “connection failed”. I know for a fact I port forwarded correctly and that its not my Anti-Virus. And I use comcast xfinity and people have told me that causes issues but im not sure. PIus I typed in the correct information, I put and 30814 for the port. Also for the record my friend is having the same exact issue when he tries to start a server. Does anyone know what the issue is?

This issue gets answered all the time?
Anyway, you need to direct connect to your server if you are hosting and joining the server from the same PC. Use as the IP and use the port you forwarded (30814) as the port when direct connecting. If you are using Xfinity, make sure that in the security tab, you have allowed port forwarding (I think you have to turn security off? It has been awhile since I have done that (I have Xfinity aswell).

Let us know if this helps :slight_smile: