Connection failed with open port

Hello, I am attempting to play with my friend by hosting a server, but it keeps coming up with “Connection failed”.
I have forwarded the 30814 port and checking online it shows as open.

In the launcher log, it does mention the error 10060. Looking around online it seems this only happens when the port is not open, but it is.

I have allowed the server launcher through the firewall.

I’m unsure what’s happening because the port is open but the connection fails.

Here’s my server config if I have missed something

Any help would be appreciated.

I think this is a limitation of your router that fails to loopback your connection to yourself. See if you are trying to connect to yourself with your external own ip, then the router would usually notice that and loop the connection around. If the router cannot do that, there are many that cant, then you end up with a error like 10060.

So if you want to connect to a server in your own network, you either use the ip: or the local ip of the computer the server is running on. Your friends on the other way use your public ip

So it would probably be best to set it to private and use the direct connect. I had it as a public server for just the convenience of being able to find it in the browser. But if it forces trying to connect with external it would probably be best to keep it private.

I’ll try it again, but my friend was unable to connect while I had it open before.