Connection Falied Problem

I make server all ok ,but then i connecting Beammp tuping that “Connection Falied”

This is from our Discord, so the commands dont work here, but the info is still valuable:

Please double-check that you have done the following things (try again after each step):

  1. Forward port 30814 (or whichever port you set in your ServerConfig.toml), both TCP and UDP protocols (type !portforward for a guide).
  2. Allow BeamMP through the Windows Firewall (type !firewall for a guide), allow both incoming and outgoing connections. Turning off the firewall will usually NOT work.
  3. If the server is running on the same machine as the game, you yourself have to use Direct Connect to join, with the IP and your server’s port. Others can join through the server list as usual. If your server is set to private you can give your public ip to your friends so they can join via direct connect.
  4. Make sure you’re not using a VPN (this can cause issues).
  5. Make sure the server is actually running, without any errors or warnings.

If you have further questions, type !wikiserver to get a link to a full tutorial for Server setup, and make sure you didn’t miss anything.