Connection terminated on my own server

when i try to connect my own server, i can’t cuz it says connection terminated, if my friend tries to connect to my server, he succesfully connects to it, so its not a port forwarding issue, can anyone help me?

Then its a client issue. If it worked before, restart your server and your game (client) in administrator


now, my friend gets a connection terminated

@Charles-US i will try it, but i restarted my server as administrator and now it works

@gamerkecske07 IF you are hosting you server from the same machine you are playing on, you will need to direct connect to your server using the correct IP (IPv4) and port. Get your IP here

If it didn’t work before, then it is a port forwarding issue, refer to the port forwarding section of the BeamMP server setup tutorial on our forums or research details about your router specifically (every router and ISP is different)