Connection time out due to loading resources

Hi there fellow forum members!

Recently i started to host a private lobby for me and a friend of mine. We run our automation cars in this lobby for fun. The server is running good, and all ports are correctly opened. My friends can also join so there is no issue with the connection. Also the host machine is connected to optical fiber, and has a download/upload speed of 500mbps. We have also managed to play with no issues ingame!

But there is one thing that is bugging me a lot:
When I try to join the game it says: Loading resources. Which i can understand but it always disconnects after approx. 5 minutes. There are 66 mods running on the server. When my friend tries to join he gets the same thing. I verified in the command line, and it does say disconnected.
But when i decrease the mod count from 66 to 24 it works flawlessly.

I was wondering how do i make sure all mods can be loaded without disconnecting?
I don’t mind waiting for it to load, but it gets annoying each time it disconnects.

If you require any additional info please let me know, and I hope someone can help me out with this!

Kind regards,

Exactly the same problem, but with 108 mods

you can join once so it downloads the mods then exit out of it,
then you join back and you should be able to load in without getting kicked.

Same issue with me and my server. 66 mods won’t load in time before the 5 minutes is up regardless if they’re already downloaded and in the correct directory. Is there anyway we can increase the timeout period on a per server basis or is that fundamentally built into the game?