Controller with force feedback detected

I am using a ffb wheel (fanatec csl elite 1.1) and while playing on the mp servers i keep having the message ‘Controller with force feedback detected disabling all other devices’ pop up which causes the game to freeze for a second or 2. This happens every 30 seconds or so but at random intervals. Is there any way of stopping this from happening?

should be the first option under options > multiplayer if i remember correctly

Where is that setting?

currently you can reduce the times this happens by disabling player vehicle updates in the settings, but we have a smart queue system in development that should completely solve this issue


That message shows up whenever someone else on the server spawns or edits a car, which is also why your client freezes briefly. You can confirm this by joining a server with nobody else on it.

@davelee199 same problem for me but not freezing.