Cracked version

when i start beam.MP launcher it say the Sorry. We do not support cracked copies report this if you believe this is a mistake code 6 I don’t have a cracked version i can show you it in my steam library

If you downloaded a cracked version in the past, the files are likely still on your system.

I have never downloaded a cracked version the first day I got my pc I got this game

try this.
revalidate the game files. if that dose not work then uninstall the game and reinstall. if that dose not work then reinstall beam mp. and if that dose not work then the only thing i can think is to reset your pc which would lose all your files so obv i dont sugest doing that.

If you’re playing BeamNG with a family shared account it won’t work. Your own account has to have BeamNG in the library.

Resetting yout pc isn’t a good idea! use something like Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the game and remove leftover files, does the same as resetting but only does it on the game files

Open the Beam ng launcher and select “support tools” then “verify integrity” hit ok and wait for it to hash the files.