Customizing Server

I was wondering if somebody can help me with customizing my server i made? Things such as the loading screen picture, music, and start screen. Any help would be appreciated.

yep it worked

Is this resolved @DJBOIII724 ?

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@charles sorry I am just new here I new to beamMp and I did a lot of tutorials and sometimes worked and it is better than rigs of rods

@djboiii724 This is the wrong thread to post this in, if you need help or have questions, please make a forum post that is related to your issue

@djboiii724 This is a forum post about customizing your server, please create a new post about your issue and provide some evidence so we can help assist you

@Charles could you please address this?

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I got no help because I have a lot of errors on the server but in the launcher, I got one error, and because of one fu** antivirus

Please let us know if that worked

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Here you guys go, like promised


Sorry about that, my fault for forgetting an important step.

You will also need in .../ui/modules/loading/ a loading.html file, with an embed at the bottom to load the music.

you can use the stock loading.html for this, and add this to the bottom:

<embed src="/ui/modules/loading/music/yourmusicfile.mp3" loop="true" autostart="true" width="0" height="0"></embed>

Replacing yourmusicfile.mp3 with the name of your music file.

For ease of use, here’s one with this embed already placed at the bottom, just make sure to replace yourmusicfile.mp3 with the name of your music file. (1.34 KB)


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I must be doing something wrong but i have made a zip with that folder structure and it doesnt seem to work with music

You’ll be looking to create a custom mod zip for these things.

For custom loading screen, begin with a folder structure as follows:

In here you’ll want (as of latest BeamNG update) 18 images files (to take the place of the stock 18 loading screens). They can all be identical, if you want the same image to load every time, or, all different, or even like 3 different images copied 6 times each, the point being, they should be named as follows:

et cetera

That, all zipped up and hosted in .../Resources/Client/ will provide custom loading screens.

Music is similar, the audio file just has to be in the correct location, I think it’s but don’t quote me. *****See below more info on this.

And MOTD-type welcome screen can be done with uj_base, this has its own config to setup.

ETA: Seeing now @Charles already picked up on this :smiley:

A tutorial would be very helpful

Thank you so much

the Loading screen picture, music, and start menu are a sperate mod you put in your mods folder. You can find the mod here GitHub - vJoeyz/uj_base: uj_base provides many handy client side addons for your BeamMP server such as time & environment syncing, player restrictions, a motd and more.

If this is too complicated of a setup, I can make a tutorial if enough people want it

If I get 5 Upvotes on this I will link the Setup tutorial and make it here