Developer Tools

And so, I wanted to try if the “Developer Tools” work at all in the network.
what I found out:

“Pros” - it works both in network and single player.
-1) You can delete, copy the machine much faster than through “Esc”, both in network and in single player.
-2) You can add, delete, deform, copy and customize any assets on the map for selfish purposes, for example, to increase fps.
-3) Compared to standard physical models, assets do not load the system at all, thus, from a regular map, you can create the impossible, if only there was motivation, time and inspiration.

“Cons” - I tested this on my server, which was on a third party host. Perhaps if you start the server on your PC, something will change, I did not check.
-1) If you save assets while on the server, the game will break.
-1.1) When you enter the game for the second time, you will no longer see any person on any server, while he still remains physical for you, if you move away, he appears more and more, but the closer you approach, the more she disappears . I thought that when using the “Developer Tool” I, somewhere, hooked the slider with the render, but no. Somehow, when saving a map, or assets, a crash occurs in the render distance optimization script. This cannot be fixed by reinstalling, or clearing the game cache, only by demolishing the folder, which is located in the hidden Local folder.
-2) There is no synchronization on a public server, but it may work on your server that you launched on your PC, I did not check. Fun fact: if you put a guardrail asset on the road, your friend will pass, but you will not, from his face, you will just crash into the air.
-3) If I’m not blind, you can’t set a weight, or make any asset physical for a normal player, any asset will always be static, it can’t be controlled via “Ctrl” only in “Developer Tools” mode.

And now a question to the BeamMP developer.
Dear developers, will there ever be synchronization in the editing mode, which I described above, or something like that, or is there already such a tool, in the form of some kind of mod, but I don’t know about it?

so did you ever figure anything out