Disable Certain Players cars from rendering?

I am currently lagging in some games because someone constantly reloads their car to lag others, is there a way to disable them from rendering on my computer? I would still like some player’s cars to render (for example my friends) but not others.

You can delete the cars of players you dont want to have a car on your client. Tab to the player, open the vehicle menu (CTRL+E) and then in the top right there is a button “Delete Vehicle”. Their car will be removed and become a dark greyish ball. Edits from them wont affect you then anymore.

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In my opinion, this is very redundant. I propose this feature needs to be implemented in the player list UI app module as a right click pop-up, as well as in the MP options. :stuck_out_tongue:

But of course, there’s an “Automatically apply queued vehicle changes” option that you could switch off. However, that may or may not cause a memory leak and a potential crash, unfortunately. See thread below. :disappointed_relieved:

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