Disconnected: Invalid Key! Please restart your game

I’m trying to connect in any server, official or not, and keep receiving the message “Disconnected: Invalid Key! Please restart your game” I’ve tried to restart the game and delete the “key” file but did not worked.

Did you even figure it out I’ve been have if this problem and can’t seem to fix it

I’ve removed the mod from my PC, then downloaded again and worked. I’ve also tried deleting the “key” file in the game files but didn’t worked, only deleting the mod and downloading again resolved.

this could be duel to a failed load or connection to beam servers. simply close out the game and try again. it usually works after a few more tries

This is repeatedly happening to various servers.
It’s becoming quite annoying.
If I restart my game, I’m required to log in to beammp in game again.
I’ve deleted the mod, and re-installed to no avail.
It seems somewhat random, but I most often get it if I try joining a server that server list said was ‘almost’ full, then joining says server full, then i go to another server and or try same one (even after waiting 30 secs for a guest filled server), the error pops up.
There was once I tried joining another server after getting the message and it joined with no issue.
That was only once though.
I’m tired of restarting game, even on an uber fast PC.