Disconnected: Socket Closed Code 3

I am trying to host a server in a docker container (I made the image myself). When i try to join the server i get Disconnected: Socket Closed Code 3. This only happens with my server. The server seems to be running fine until i try to connect. After i get the error in my client the server crashes. Here is my log file, might help.

[1/2/2021 16:08:08] [INFO] BeamMP Server Running version 1.20
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] [INFO] too many null bytes in input, this is now assumed to be a background thread - console input is now disabled
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] [INFO] Config found updating values
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] Debug : true
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] Private : true
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] Port : 30814
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] Max Cars : 5
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] MaxPlayers : 10
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] MapName : /levels/east_coast_usa/info.json
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] ServerName : mastaserver
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] ServerDesc : test
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] File : Resources
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [DEBUG] Key length: 36
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [INFO] Lua system online
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] main [INFO] Vehicle data network online on port 30814 with a Max of 10 Clients
[1/2/2021 16:08:08] TCPServerMain [INFO] Vehicle event network online
[1/2/2021 16:08:09] Heartbeat [INFO] Authenticated!
[1/2/2021 16:09:28] Authentication [INFO] Identifying new client...

Glad to hear!

Thanks for the tip. I got it to work now.

I found this. Didn’t realize there was a workaround posted on github. This worked for me.

I am also running into this on a freshly built Ubuntu 20.04 server. Not using Wine, built the binary directly on the server. Server binary will start, says its authed, then the second I try to join the server it crashes Code 3, exact same as the screenshot provided by OP. Also states “Segmentation Fault” on the server console. I used the latest 1.20-linux tag when cloning from github.

This is a @Lion-0 question

@Charles or @UkDrifter Any chance you could give a hand here, cheers!