Discord Ban Appeal Im sorry

Hi, I DuckyStyle#2006 got banned a year ago for criticizing Beammp,

because I and my friend couldn’t get multiplayer to work. we asked for help on the server, the admins didn’t respond to your requests. We criticized them and got the banhammer

I think that all companies and all people generally should accept criticism as a positive thing, not negative. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, with my actions. As I said before it has been a year, and I would like to get access to the server again.

I think your launcher Beammp is nice, it makes BeamNG a lot more fun. You guys provide lots of happy hours.
Thanks Ducky.

Hi DuckyStyle,

Thank you for contacting us on the forums. I have looked into your account on our discord server and have looked into the messages the was sent. At that time you joined on the first and not even a day later were rude to our staff and members and were then banned. The ban was for joining just to troll and spam in dms.

If you could reply to this message with the reasons you would like to come back to the BeamMP discord, and why you will not come back to troll and be rude then we will consider lifting your ban which after a year it sounds more likely.

Thank you,

Hello Daniel,

I would like to come back to the Beammp Discord server to get support when I have problems.
I have thought about my behavior and have changed since then. I would like to get back on the server.

Thanks, DuckyStyle