Discord Ban Appeal please read

Hey i noticed i was not in the server no more as to my 14yr cousin telling me he went on my discord and i know it sounds like BS out of all the servers so i went outside to do my laundry and i come back i have no idea what he said im sorry if he said something disturbing the photo of the discord reasons why im banned

Now i know you dont have to read this or unban me but i just wanna say sorry for my cousins stupidity i would really appreciate it if i got unbanned but i completely understand why you guys would not want to unban me i will try to make sure this does not happen again my username on discord is FordRangerSport#5658 if you can dm me the results

That’s a screenshot from BeamNG, not BeamMP. You’re on the wrong forums.

Well i guess my brain does not funtion properly anymore sorry