Discord Ban Appeal

Green Man#5580

Hello, I was banned from the Beanmp discord server. I don’t exactly know why I was banned. Because I haven’t received a message saying I was banned. I’m going to assume that I did something stupid to get banned because I am a pretty stupid person. So I would like to apologize in advance for the stupid mistake that I did. If an admin of this server could help me out and possibly get my account unbanned that would be amazing. I just wanted to play beanmp one day than I realized I wasn’t on the server anymore, and when I try to join it says “Unable to accept invite”. \

You were banned for posting a scam link for bitcoin. I will discuss internally.

Your ban was lifted. Please be advised that any more infractions related to posting scam related content will be met with a permanent ban. Feel free to join back!

Thank you very much!