Discord Ban ( no idea what i did )

Hello Guys,

For some reason i can’t join the discord anymore. I have no idea what i did wrong. When i got banned for fake discord links then i am super sorry for that. I changed my password now and turned on 2 FA Authentification.

My Discord name: default#7045

Yours faithfully

You are now unbanned from the BeamMP discord. Thank you for securing your account and setting up 2FA!

Hi again,

so are you sure that i am unbanned? It still says Invite can not invitation cannot be accepted. I also have no other account and when I try it with VPN it also does not work.

Yours faithfully

And it would be nice if you can tell me for exactly what i got banned because i can’t find any message that my account send with a discord scam link.

I checked and it actually shows that you were never banned??? I unbanned you yesterday but had trouble because you were never banned.


So i still can’t join. It would be great if you can add me in Discord that i can show it better. default#7045

i still cant join.

Would be nice if i get a reply…


I’ve just had a look into this for you now and I can confirm you are not on the ban list. Please ensure you are using the correct invite link - https://discord.gg/beammp


hello um i was banned couple of days ago and it said i would be unbanned 11 may and i dont know if i have been unbanned because when i open beammp it says invalid answer from authentication server

Discord bans do not affect your ability to play BeamMP, it’s only Forum bans which will prevent you form playing. If you can access the forum, then you can login in-game and play as you normally would.
The message you are seeing is probably our backend playing up, it has hiccups every so often. Keep trying and it should work :slight_smile: