Does BeamMP underperform with little ram?

My computer has been preforming very poorly with BeamMP at about 15 fps when I join large sessions that has more than about 10 players.
I have a laptop with a ryzen 5 4600H and a 1650ti, and with 7.4 gigs of usable memory.
Can a memory upgrade improve performance, and if so, will upgrading to 16 gigs be enough?

@djboiii724 Doubt it

Does it work on Intel(R)graphics but outdated and Intel core I3

@charles OK, thanks

It wont hurt, but you are not going to see a massive improvement

@charles Does that mean upgrading my ram won’t give me performance upgrades?

4600h has 6 cores, so anything over 6-8 people you will start to experience lag. Make sure and keep your laptop cooled as well for optimum performance

@charles The 4600H I have has 12 threads, shouldn’t that be enough?

Beamng is very CPU intensive, it is a rule of thumb to have 1 CPU core per player. You are calculating everyones physics (suspension movements, aerodynamics, crash physics) so with more people comes more things to calculate.