Download mods from BeamNG mods repository instead of directly from server

Add an option to supply the server with a list of URLs for mods, so clients can download them directly from the BeamNG mods repository, putting less stress on the network connections of servers, and possibly speeding up downloads.

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There are a couple of inherent issues with this.

  1. The launcher downloads the files over tcp not http. So this would require http ability to be added to the launcher.
  2. If there are updates to the mod then some clients might have them and others might not (rare but possible).
  3. If the mod is taken down this could cause other issues.
  4. We would not be able to tell you the total files and files size.
  5. Probably more…



i suggested the same thing

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@stefan750 On servers hosted with proper network capabilities there should be little to no strain at all on the network. If you are hosting off your own home PC then I would suggest making a mod pack and adding a link to it in the title or (Coming Soon) description.