Edit name tags

Ability in the Lua scripts to edit or hide name tags

@16austin16 Ah I misunderstood.

Well it seems kind of edge case, but on one hand I guess I could see the use for it maybe in hide-and-seek scenarios and the like. It maybe would make sense to have a second checkbox next to the one to hide other player nametags, along the lines of “hide my nametag”.

But on the other hand, that goes against the purpose of showing nametags (ie. reporting players causing problems), and why it is an opt out. Don’t want people hiding their nametag and doing whatever. For that reason I think it is unlikely to be implemented by the devs, but you never know!

Client side nickname setting would be neat though, so you could give your friend a different name than their nametag pulled from discord shows, but ensuring it does not affect the nametag for anyone else. Maybe persistent, so it stays when you see them in another server. This is also an edge case, but I think less so.

I think it would be possible to make a custom server lua plugin that appends either a prefix or suffix to a player’s name, but I’ve yet to try it.

Tl;dr There seems to be a pretty specific reason the nametags work the way they currently do; giving a player the ability to hide their name is less than ideal.

@Dudekahedron I’m talking about in sever side scripts for plugins. Like hide one persons name tag for everyone

Hiding already exists in Options > Multiplayer > Show Player Nametags