Error 0x0001 (there are 8 zeros)

When I have been playing BeamMP, I get this error when trying to spawn a vehicle. Can you fix this ASAP?

Hi there, Please can you provide a screenshot of the error and your log file for the game called beamng.log.

sure! i will make a screenshot

I had hoped there would have been some more information from this. Unfortunately we will require the log files in order to diagnose the issue.

ok i will try and send log files

this error

  1. Open BeamMP but do not launch the game.
  2. Click manage user folder
  3. Uncheck the box in the bottom left.
  4. Click “Reset Location”
  5. If it says location is the same then continue, if not, your good to go and just restart the game and you can spawn cars!.
  6. If it says location is the same then click “Choose New Location”
  7. In the top bar type %appdata%
  8. Find the folder titled “BeamMP Launcher”
  9. Click Select folder in the bottom and restart your game, and boom! you can now spawn cars!

If that doesn’t work:
1.Make sure multiplayerbeammp is the only mod enabled
2.Try Clearing your cache

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Thanks! This helps alot!