Ok so my problem is that every time i load up the map West coast USA on multiplayer it crashes and gives me a error cod that says “fatal error GPU is not responding” even when try to load up free roam it says the same thing and crashes.

but any other map works perfectly fine but west coast usa i updated my driver already, turned off over clock for my GPU and did a clean install for the drivers. i dont know what else i have to do

if anyone that had a similar issue can you try and help me thanks.

It says [29/1/2021 13:21:17] [FATAL] Main 1 : directory_iterator::directory_iterator: The system cannot find the path specified.: “c:/program files (x86)/steam\userdata”
maybe from antivirus and I have cracked copies error

I also have an error in beamMP game

We fixed the issue, apparently “clearing cache” fixed it, so that is strange

Ah I think we might have been speaking the other day. I am lost for ideas if you tried the ones we suggested.
The best and only option I can think of now would be to try and contact the BeamNG team on their forum at

i have a 1660 super and i believe it has 6gb of video memory
But my actual ram for my pc i have 8GB going to pick up 16GB later on down the road

How much ram does your GPU have?