Error parsing config file value: [error] toml::parse_key_value_pair: missing key-value separator `=`

i’m trying to create my own server but it doesn’t recognize the “=” key separator

Make sure you have the most recent version of BeamMP server from

The MaxPlayers line needs a space inbetween the MaxPlayers and = sign

this is the las BeamMP server because i downloaded just today
i copied the “[General]” text from a tutorial because the ServerConfig.toml file didn’t have it
also, i put the space between th MaxPlayers and the = sign adn it didn’t work

Make sure that you saved the config.toml after changing it. The missing space was the only error I could see. Post the entire log here so I can see the error.

this is what the Server.log file says

Can you include your entire config.toml WITHOUT your authkey