everytime I run the game it deletes my multiplayer mods and I have to redownload them to connect to my server

why is this a default behavior and can I disable this? it’s incredibly frustrating, I see no option anywhere to stop this and I see no help topics on this in search, it says “close the launcher if you don’t want this to happen” but if I do that the game doesn’t start, so like… lol what? what even is this? xD

From our discord server: #Before-You-Ask

“All my multiplayer mods get deleted, why?”
Make sure you’re exiting your game correctly:

  1. Press ‘Exit’ at the top of your screen when leaving a server.
  2. Go to Main Menu.
  3. Exit game with the exit button.

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Holyguaka [IRL]

I did that and it is still deleting the MP mods.