Failed to close socket / Socket Closed Code 3 - Error

Hey, my colleague and I both have a problem with our BeamMP. Every time we try to join our or another modded server, the message “Socket Closed Code 3” appears ingame and “Failed to close socket” appears in the Cliet console. As I said, this error message only occurs with modded servers, regardless of the number of mods and which mods are on the server. Another colleague can join the server and spawn cars without any problems. But we other two, however, the above error message always comes as soon as we reach the end of the mods loading. Reinstalling BeamNG and BeamMP with manual directory deletion did not help. Is there any trick or is this error already known from other people?

Thanks in advance! :deer:

i have this problem aswel does anyone know how to fix this

so what shold we do???

if you want to jon your own server you have to direct conect