Failed to close socket!

[8/5/2023 10:41:38] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[8/5/2023 10:41:38] [INFO] Game Version :
[8/5/2023 10:41:38] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait…
[8/5/2023 10:41:38] [INFO] Download Complete!
[8/5/2023 10:41:38] [INFO] Game Launched!
[8/5/2023 10:44:36] [INFO] Game Connected!
[8/5/2023 10:45:03] [INFO] Connecting to server
[8/5/2023 10:45:03] [INFO] Connected!
[8/5/2023 10:45:04] [INFO] Checking Resources…
[8/5/2023 10:45:04] [INFO] Syncing…
[8/5/2023 10:45:25] [INFO] Done!
[8/5/2023 10:50:18] [WARN] Failed to close socket!
[8/5/2023 10:50:24] [WARN] Failed to close socket!
[8/5/2023 10:50:24] [INFO] Connection Terminated!

Is there finally solution how to fix it? Im tired of this… Please help us…
I tried everything possible. disable antivirus, disable firewall, reboot, reinstall… nothing works. There must be some problem in LUA. files. I’m not the only one with this problem so I hope you’ll take a look. everywhere I connect, it disconnects me after about 5 minutes. I don’t think it’s a connection error, all other games work fine for me. Thanks

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Same here, seems to be an issue across everyone’s client

Does this happen on every server you join or just one? Try a vanilla server without mods to see if you still have this issue as I have had this happen due to mods on some servers.

in 90% it is same. i will try again

i have same problem on vanilla server

Got same issue, anyone have any solution?