"Failed to find game please launch it" code 4 error on LInux Mint

Installed BeamMP using the steamtinkerlaunch method on Linux Mint. Even after reinstalling the game on my main drive, it still gives me the same code 4 error. I can run a server and my friends can play on it, but the client version does not work, so if anyone else has successfully troubleshooted the error, please help me out!

I don’t know much about Linux systems but on the BeamMP docs I found the following line: “BeamMP client is not officially supported on Linux. However, you might be able to get it working by running the launcher in the same proton prefix as the game.” dated 12/28/2023.

Hope this helps, if not I’ll poke at the Support team and see what they say.

I wrote this on another occasion, and some time ago, it might not work on Mint, but might give you an idea on how it could be done:

How to get beamMP working on Linux (Tested on debian12)

  • Enable proton compatibility support for beamNG in Steam
  • Install beamNG in Steam
  • Start beamNG trough steam, play once in freeroam
  • Open up the beamNG folder trough Steam (for me its /home/o1ler/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/BeamNG.drive
  • Download (Release BeamMP 4.11 - BeamNG 0.32 | More Fixes, Patches & Improvements · BeamMP/BeamMP · GitHub) and add the BeamMP.zip to mods/multiplayer
  • Go back to steamapps, then compatdata/284160/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Roaming
  • Create a folder called BeamMP-Launcher
  • Download (Release v2.0.82 · BeamMP/BeamMP-Launcher · GitHub) and add the launcher.exe into there
  • Create a new desktop file on your desktop (equivalent to a desktop shortcut in windows) to start the beamMP-Launcher, containing the command protontricks-launch --appid 284160 /home/o1ler/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/284160/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32/start.exe "C:\users\steamuser\AppData\Roaming\BeamMP-Launcher\launcher.exe" 0 0 (Of course change the username to yours, or the folderpath if different)
  • Start beamNG, but dont click launch yet on the white window
  • Start beamMP. The beamMP launcher will start and wait for beamNG
  • Click launch in the white beamNG window

BeamMP will not auto update, so check the beamMP github regularly for updates (or use a cronjob or something to do it for you)


Also, a linux native launcher is being developed, the first working version is currently being tested. I cant give an ETA though

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Thank you for responding with such a well-made guide, but protontricks never likes working with me and keeps giving me error messages whenever I try executing the command for example in the terminal.

Would appreciate if you can help out, otherwise I do not mind waiting a bit for the full linux release.