Failed to find the game please launch it. Report this if the issue persists code 4

I have a pirated version of the game and I get this error. although my friend is fine and we all downloaded together.HELP PLEASE!!!

Hello, This is because your game is pirated and was not installed via the normal means.
As such BeamMP struggles to find it. You will need to start the game manually after starting BeamMP.

I advise you to consider supporting the developers of the game if you enjoy it by purchasing the game via one of the legitimate routes.

i get the same error and mine is not pirated it is from your site

You can start the game manually and this should be resolved by doing so.

how to launch manually

You may start manually, either by using Steam (if you have bought it there) or by starting the .exe from where the game is saved on your pc.

You can then also add it as a “not bought from Steam” game

nie mam kupionej

Dealing with game errors can be super frustrating, especially when everyone else seems to be fine. I once had a similar situation with a different game, and it turned out my pirated version was the culprit.