Failed to load the servers

can anyone help???

(my + BEAMMP Version are 0.28.0)

i was trying to join a server but it’s not loading i really waited for 30 min and no server loaded i tryd to reinstall BeamMP (Client) but it didn’t work, and on the top left standing: ((:: ‘ui.multiplayer.multiplayer’ translate)) . please help me!!!

the problem is now fixed (somehow I DON’T KNOW) so don’t leave a comment e.t.c… it’s fixed .

sooooooooo i need now help ;-;

i crashed the game (bruh) and it was broken again (list)

i reinstalled (i have a installed client from yesterday) beammp and its now showing all the list so

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same. I can see the servers. won’t connect at all now after the beamng update

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now i have a new problem

the problem is: when i launch BeamMP i can see the multiplayer button but the list is NOT showing at all i tryd to reinstall it 5 to 10 times but nothing works ;-; every time i can see the multiplayer button but the list is not showing and i can’t log out e.t.c. (i mean log out that i log in again but it didn’t works… so help

can anyone send me a " .zip " file from BeamMP (maybe it works i don’t know)

i have a new problem now ( again ;-; )

when i join a server it sends me under the map and it not joined the server and i can’t move the camera ( before i postet this i reinstalled beammp but i have the same problem [sorry if i wrote some words wrong because i live in Germany and my englisch isn’t so good sorry…] PPPPLLLLSSSSS HELP!! )