Failing to Connect to a Local Server

I am currently trying to make sure my server is setup correctly before I port forward.
I am able to find it on the listing, however since I know that port forwarding isn’t setup, I attempt to connect to it using the the guide found under the “Joining your own server” subheading.
Do I need to setup port forwarding before I can connect to my own server?

The error codes I get are 10061 and 10038.


Is this server hosted on the same computer you are trying to join from. If not, please find the IP of that server. It may also be worth checking the firewall rules.


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No, the server is hosted on a seperate machine on the same internet. I’ll get back to you on the firewall rules and see if they help.

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Turning off the firewall completely proved to be futile.

However after port forwarding, I am able to connect.

Another issue has cropped up though. I am able to connect, but after a short time I randomly disconnect with no other error then “You have disconnected from the server.”

I notice that the Player count and the Ping meter on my Client show ? instead of the metric it should.

Other servers have worked perfectly fine with the same client.

Correction to replied comment. After port forwarding correctly (I only set up TCP instead of both), I managed to connect with no issues.