Force Feedback Error

Every time I start to drive I get repeated errors, “force feedback detected, disconnecting other steer inputs.”

I have verified there are no other steering inputs currently bound and this is making MP unplayable. Thanks for the help!

Yes indeed, same for me on the G25.

Same issue here, game freezes every 2 minutes or so for about 5-10 seconds each freeze. Seems related to other players changing vehicle. Running an Accuforce v2 as well as having a g27 connected (to use the shifter). On servers with few people not to big of an issue but any more then 5 players it gets pretty bad.

During the freeze, my car remains where it is, FFB gets disabled, when my game resumes, other players will have jumped to their new position while i resume my path from where the freeze happened. Makes for some interesting crashes if someone is chasing me, lol!

@Shwagg @Tech_Speak Please can you ping me in the BeamMP discord server when you are ready. Assuming it is not while I am at work / asleep then I will be on / around to take a look and help you there and then.

@tventy That is great to hear… I’m mean the upcoming solution not the interruptions. I feel even better about our group as we deduced that same thing, “We have also identified that it appears to happen each time a car is reset or another in game asset is updated.” - Shwagg post five days ago.

Thank you very much for putting this mod together! As previously stated, this game has the potential for best sim in my mind. If you ever want some testers or feedback always willing to help the community. Have a great 2021!

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@tech_speak you can join our discord at

you can DM me at @deer boi if you’d like to get in contact with me.

@shwagg this popup happens when another player spawns/edits their vehicle and is not something we do. you dont notice it in SP because youre not driving when youre spawning a car. we have a planned feature that might remedy this issue, stay tuned

I am willing to meet but I am not a part of your discord. If we could get invited that would be nice!!

The log files were from another community member we drive with, hence the G920 discrepancy. I would be more than willing to jump in voice and provide any feedback as I would love to see this fixed. The game is incredible and the MP makes it the best simulator. If this wheel issue goes away a lot more people will play.

Okay further investigation shows that in the logs above the user uses a G920. Not an issue but remember to use the correct software for it.

Other than that the log does not show any errors as such


I am going to look into this further maybe we can find what is requesting it. Sorry it is not something I am familiar with since I do not have a wheel.

It does request the config each time you change vehicle by TAB or removing / spawning a new one. Could this be mistaken as an error on your end?

Can we go into one of the support voice channels on our discord server some time so we can see the error you are on about as nothing is shown in the log here. (641 KB)

Here are the log files for tonight’s session!!! @Charles @Titch @UkDrifter @Shwagg

@shwagg Most to all Logitech hardware doesn’t work properly without the software, that would be the first thing I would look at. FFB works on beammp, but somehow you select small group have issues? The “multiple controllers detected” is normal and WILL pop up while driving, basically it is just disabling control and FFB to the others in your session but not to you. Make sure you have your hardware and software cooperating and working correctly before trying to debug and help us understand this issue :slight_smile:

I greatly look forward to that and am willing to help or provide any input I can. Love the game but as stated, the constant interruption to the process creates a bunch of delays while driving. Not sure if you guys do team viewer or anything… willing to be creative. I did see the comment about steering software and I used to experience that with my G29. My Fanatec doesn’t require that type of supporting software.

I am one the people being affected by this I unfortunately do not know where I can grab a game log file for you I can get you that if the are instructions posted somewhere.

@Charles @UkDrifter Can one of you try to confirm this issue / reproduce it? If we can create a reproducible case then we can work to solve it.

Has anyone been able to co firm the issue and will Thisbe resolved?

Misunderstanding the error. The whole time I play it says its finding multiple steer inputs and that FFB doesn’t work on one of them. It is shutting off the other inputs. Each time this happens, it interrupts the process and lags the game. I have disabled all steer inputs except for my wheel yet it still persists. FFB works fine on the wheel ■■■■ this error and message are interrupting the game. It is happening for myself and 3 other friends also playing… well not playing as the pauses to game are unbearable.

  • make sure you spawn your own vehicle rather than trying to use another players. This does seem to be a mistake that a few people make for some reason.
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This isn’t an issue, like titch said it deactivates FFB for other vehicles but not your own, If you FFB isnt working it is on your end, make sure you have your wheels’ software open and running before you launch multiplayer

Sure. I’m sure if you login and try it will happen instantly. Happens to all my friends. We have also identified that it appears to happen each time a car is reset or another in game asset is updated.