Fresh install not working...

I just downloaded beamMP for the first time and i extracted the installer to my desktop. When i run it for the first time it says it needs to update and updates itself but when it restarts after update it just says Install up to date and closes itself… ive tried running as admin and all that but it does nothing.

@tinytank800 Make sure BeamNG is up to date, this can be an issue and why the launcher throughs a code and closes. make sure ALL antiviruses are allowing beammp as well as windows defender. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Latest update has fixed it but now when i try to log in ingame it says failed to connect to auth systems

@alex-ita I have added it as an exclusion to windows defender. both the exe itself and the folder but it is still doing the same thing.

It seems that your antivirus is blocking it, allow it as a trusted app in the av options.

I have the same problem.