Friend cannot join server

I made a private server for me and one of my friends, did the port forwarding (at least i think so, everything seems fine to me) and made rules for the firewall, both inbound and outbound, with UDP and TCP. When he tries to join it just says that it’s trying to connect but eventually fails. In the console no error appears, so i guess it might be a port forwarding issue? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, I tried to add the server to my ‘‘Favourites’’ section using the server ip (not in the BeamMP launcher, but the server shows up strangely (I made a screenshot)

Hi, please follow this guide Server | BeamMP and then let us know if you are still having issues.

Hello! I read the giude and I believe I did all the things correctly, however it still doesn’t let me or others join the server through my IP address, it only lets me join with

I added 2 new outbound rules to the firewall with the server .exe file alongside 2 other outbound rules that I already had with the port of the server, but still no success. The inbound rules seem fine, i had 2 rules for the server .exe file already made and the other 2 rules with the server port i made myself.

Alright, let me get someone who is more familiar with server issues.

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Hello Fire,

Firstly, make sure you’re giving the correct IP address and port for the server, as is strictly for local connections (i.e., no one else can connect to it). Did you create a rule in your router’s firewall to allow port forwarding? Follow a guide by searching on Google “(your router’s brand/make) how to port-forward”, since if you did it in Windows firewall, it wouldn’t do the job correctly. You should check if the port you are using is already in use or not, as it may interfere.

Also, to check if you have correctly port-forwarded, input the IP and port of the machine you port-forwarded (not the This is a good website for checking:


Note I am not Beammp Support and I am just helping you with prior knowledge I have gained from owning a server myself, so it may be wrong.