Friends cannot connect to Server

I made my own server and I’ve port forwarded correctly (I think) and I can join the server just fine through the direct connect however my friends cannot join. Please help me figure out what is wrong.


  1. Are your friends joining from the server list?
  2. Is your server private?
  3. Did you check your port was open with a port checker (NOTE: when checking to see if the port is open, make sure that you have the server running, then run the port checker)

Sometimes when you open Port, depends on the router, you would need to restart your router to apply the configuration, so usually what i do , i open port, restart my PC and Router and then i get my new IP or double check my ip (if it’s Dynamic) from google and share it with my friends.
(sometimes your port will close again because routers can be meh and not saving your setting , double check after restarting)
(since you hosting you can always join your server even if your ports are closed)
(make sure firewalls are allowing your server to function)