Friends cannot join server

I have been trying to host a BeamMP server, but cannot join it through the public lobby, only directly. This means that my friends cannot. I have loaded mods in which all work, I have also tried to portforward which may be causing the issue. My IP is seen as invalid on my modem, but the issue may be somewhere else. I have tried having a static IP, changing the IP of the server, changing IPV4, disabling firewall, giving exceptions in the firewall. It all comes to “Connection failed” with NO log on the server of anyone trying to connect. Something is blocking it. I have tried to open port 38014 but the internet says it is still closed.
So my port being closed or the IP being rejected may be the issue, but I am struggling to fix it. And yes, this is like 5 hours later.

Hi, when port-forwarding ensure you are using your internal IP address when assigning the open port in your router. Port checkers will only work if you have a program open that uses the port - have the beamMP server running when you run the port-checker, otherwise it will show as closed even if it isn’t.