Friends cant join server

I have my own server that ive ran on my desktop in the past with no issues. Now whenever my friends join they get a ? ping and they cant see eachother move around just rev the engine and turn the wheels. Ive checked and made sure my port forward is open and that my firewall is not blocking it from connecting.

Redo the port forwarding check and see if the UDP is also forwarded not just TCP. Both need to be on the same port.

Yes both are port forwarded on the same port, already tried resetting it

The Vehicle Updates are transmitted over UDP, just as the Ping. That your friends see a ? and that they dont move, is a clear symbol that this port is blocked in one way or another. Maybe you installed a new anti virus or updated it and it messed with your firewall settings. Be aware that alot of Anti Virus vendors also ship their own Firewall, which means that you may also need to configure it too or that it is blocking the port even if its configured correctly.

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A setting inside my windows network settings was turned off. I had to allow other users to connect to my internet through my computer. Thanks for the help man i really appreciate it!

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