Game Crashes after I spawn any car

When I am playing single player beam I can spawn cars no problem in a matter of seconds, only when in a server, does the game crash. it crashes every single time I try to spawn my own car, I can view other peoples cars, and I don’t crash when they spawn new ones. Any Ideas help. Thanks.

  1. Open BeamMP but do not launch the game.
  2. Click manage user folder
  3. Uncheck the box in the bottom left.
  4. Click “Reset Location”
  5. If it says location is the same then continue, if not, your good to go and just restart the game and you can spawn cars!.
  6. If it says location is the same then click “Choose New Location”
  7. In the top bar type %appdata%
  8. Find the folder titled “BeamMP Launcher”
  9. Click Select folder in the bottom and restart your game, and boom! you can now spawn cars!

Thank you dude! I had the same problem, and now it’s fixed! Ty sooo much!!!

Tried to follow these steps, however when I get to type in the %appdata%, only one appdata folder shows up and it’s completely empty. Is there anywhere else I should look?

Well, now there’s this problem: I can’t see other People! Their ping is “?”, but mine is fine. And I can’t spawn a car too, I only see the JBeams when I hold CTRL (node grabber). If I reset the location, I see others, but the game crashes when I spawn a car, and if I put the location in the BeamMP Launcher folder, I can’t see players. What to do? it was fine before!!!