Game crashes when loading the map on startup (for the first time) or when loading a new vehicle (always for the first time)

Hi, I have a problem for a month that I can’t solve.
Put simply, imagine this scene:

1. I turn on Computer
2. I open BeamMP and BeamNG
3. I enter a server
4. The map loads (with the usual beamng freeze) but at the same time I am no longer synchronized and I see the players running endlessly and the others see me exit the server
5. I re-open the game
6. I log into the same server / map and the maps load without problems.

The same procedure occurs (sometimes) when you need to change vehicles.
I have already tried using the multiplayer BETA feature but it helped very little.

Here are the components of my computer:
CPU: Intel i5 7400
GPU: GTX 1050 2GB
STORAGE: 120gb of ssd and 1TB of hdd (the game is on hdd)