Game crashing every time a car is spawned

Last time I tried playing with my friend on our local server, he can join and play on it without any problem, but when I’m trying to spawn anything the game crashes and when I look into the server console it shows an error:

[2/6/2021 21:21:10] (0) "DARIOcaptain" [DEBUG] (TCP) Connection closing...
[2/6/2021 21:21:10] (0) "DARIOcaptain" [DEBUG] TCPRcv error, break client loop
[2/6/2021 21:21:10] [DEBUG] client status < 0, breaking client loop
[2/6/2021 21:21:10] (0) "DARIOcaptain" [INFO] DARIOcaptain Connection Terminated
[2/6/2021 21:21:10] (0) "DARIOcaptain" [DEBUG] removing client DARIOcaptain (1)```

Game crashing when spawning cars (BeamMP only):

  1. Open BeamMP but do not launch the game.
  2. Click manage user folder
  3. Uncheck the box in the bottom left.
  4. Click “Reset Location”
  5. If it says location is the same then continue, if not, your good to go and just restart the game and you can spawn cars!.
  6. If it says location is the same then click “Choose New Location”
  7. In the top bar type %appdata%
  8. Find the folder titled “BeamMP Launcher”
  9. Click Select folder in the bottom and restart your game, and boom! you can now spawn cars!

If more problems apear please reply here or in the BeamMP discord.