Game crashing when spawing car

I know this is already been addressed but my game crashes when I join a game and spawn my car. why do i have to reset/move my files from my f drive over to my C drive for BeamMP to work?

Update: cant get it to work on the C Drive now either

Hi @NGK_sparkplugs,

Please try launching the BeamMP launcher, open options, Multiplayer, and unclick the disable switching to other players vehicles.

Did that fix it?

I removed my mods from the repo and thats solved the issue. Seems like ill have to just swap out my repo everytime i want to use multiplayer

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The issue is likely that one of the mods in there embeds its self into the game but conflicts with something from BeamMP. If you can send your log files from one of the times it crashed we can look into why. Thanks

ok will do. thanks