Give us the option to turn off in-server mods downloading

When turn that option on. The server is only responsible for identifying the client’s mods are the same one as the server. The server will NOT provide downloading.

I think this is very useful to save the server upstream bandwidth when people join in. sometimes in my case the server just frozen until that player joining in finish his downloading. very very annoying.

If your server is freezing while people are downloading the mods you either need to drastically reduce the amount of mods that are hosted on the server or switch to a better server hosting service. I have never heard of an entire server hanging while a user is downloading the mods, this is not normal behavior.

The problem is that where I live, not everyone can have a public IP address, and even if we does have a public IP, there will be a bandwidth limit of 30Mbps, so renting a high-bandwidth server is our only option, but it’s also very expensive for us.

Ahhhh, I see, that’s an interesting issue.

Yeah… we also tried remove some mods. but the mods has to be ridiculously small (under 10MB) even this the server can still suffer from temporary desync issues. our server has 200Mbps bandwidth. I think for some reason when someone try to joining in. the server some how giving all bandwidth to the one whos joining in. causing this to happen. we became very frustrated about this.