Glitching when close to car of another player in my home

My son and I play MP on another server. Any server. When we ride close together the vehicles go nuts on his screen. My vehicle in particular will crash and burn all around him or the game throws his vehicle down the road when I get within a 100 ft (game measured) or so of him. Doesn’t happen much on my screen. I can see his vehicle getting thrown away from mine as if I was hitting him, but not all the destruction that he sees. We separate a bit and all is good. I have dumbed down the graphic settings on his box with no change in the action on the screen other than less detail. Any settings I can change to correct this. His box is a laptop, running I7 with a 3060 NVidia, so not the best available, but better than what’s probably average out there. Gig speed internet with Asus rog wifi6 router handling the traffic and our 2 boxes have all priority when playing.