Guest account being racist

just a guest account being racist and just insulting me after he got mad that i was editing my car and then deleted his car after he rammed me multiple times.

I thought Guest accounts couldnt type in chat at all

Guests can chat in BeamMP, but the only game I know that doesn’t allow guest players to chat is Roblox (guests got removed in Roblox on 2017-2018).

there is a plugin that allows you to restrict guest players from certain things, like chatting. i think they are also limited to some playtime after which they are kicked. maybe it was a private plugin, though


Know that we take this kind of behavior seriously, however, at this time we cannot take measures against guest accounts. I am relatively new to the staff so I am unsure if I am right in saying that all official servers have guest chatting turned off. If you need assistance with a case on a privately owned sever we do recommend that you bring it to the attention of the server owner. If this is a server that you frequent or is the server of a specific community member/fandom reporting the issue to them may encourage them to seek out plugins and management aids.

Here, on this topic, Titch introduced a plugin called “GuestControl” that may help in these situations. GuestControl - Control what you want to allow guests to do!

I hope this helps.