Hacked, lost account

Hey, ever since BeamMP came out I made a account with the username Tempezt. I played on that until this week, when I tried to go play multiplayer, I had to log in to access the servers, as I have to do sometimes. But after trying all my passwords, and trying to reset my password, I could not get on the account. Is there anything you can you about this? I would love my account back, as it has the name of all my socials and is my go-to name. I don’t know if I’ve been hacked or not, since I have no access to the account, and the password I had before, does not work anymore, and my Email that I combined does not work anymore either.

Kind regards,
John Kleppe

Hello, Have you reset / changed your password here on the forum recently? IF not then we recommend doing so as all passwords were reset when we made the move to this forum software.