hardware requirements for beam mp

hi i would like to get beam mp in the future, but i couldnt find anywhere that tells the minimum requirements for it, i know i can look at the beamng requirements but the multiplayers is more resource heavy from what i ve seen other ppl say.
as of now i tested singleplayer with an unofficial copy (cracked) of beamng wich is just for testing the game before buying it
and it runs ok at low settings but once i spawn couple of cars its becomes very laggy.
my current setup is this one (cpuz link) also in the signature

also i would like to know what’s the cheapest i can get (hoping less than 300€) to actually run the game decent at med/low settings with plenty of cars around.
thx in advice :wink:

Hi, you’ll need at least 4 cores of a modern cpu (Skylake or better for Intel, Ryzen 1st gen for AMD), at least 8 Gb of usable ram and for the GPU you can follow the recommended BeamNG requirements (AMD R9 290 or the nvidia GTX 970).
As for the computer, if you want to spend less than 300€ you have to choose used components .
For example I’ve found the following on ebay/Amazon, depending on your world region you can find better/worse components:

  • AMD Ryzen 3 2200G : € 80
  • AMD Ryzen 3 1200 : € 70
  • Asus B350M-K : € 50
  • HyperX 8Gb (2666Mhz) : € 41
  • Nvidia GTX 960 : €120
  • Corsair CX450M : €55

Excluding the case and hard disks that you can reuse from your system the total is € 346 (€336 with the R3 1200).
Either that config that will give you some headroom for upgrades in the future, or a Dell Optiplex (with a 3rd gen Intel i5 go for 80/90€) as the user above suggested with a decent GPU and a better power supply if you choose a powerful card (if it can be installed as Dell motherboards may not use standard power connectors inside).
We will think into writing a minimum/recommended thing on the website though.

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I’ve been looking at some cheap options too and from what I’ve found, the Hp Prodesk Series and Dell Optiplex SFFs are a good upgrade. Try and look for the ones with the I7-6700 and at least 8GB of ram. Different configurations may vary. For now that’s the route I’m looking at. Considering I already have a Low Profile Gtx 1650, I can just move it from my old pc to the “new” one. People say the 240 Watt Psu isn’t enough, but there are people that have that configuration and they’ve never encountered any problems, so I’m going for it. Its an SFF, so it’ll take up less space.

stupid question but do i need a gpu to run a server? like I have a i5-1035g1 with intel uhd graphics and 16 gb of ram with samsung ssd
would that work?
or can i run a server on the same computer i play on?

Q: stupid question but do i need a gpu to run a server?

A: No, you do not need a graphics card to run a server

Q: or can i run a server on the same computer i play on?

A: Yes, you can run the server on the same machine you play on