Hauntive ip banned and being racist and threating to kill me and rude

HAUNTIVE IP BANNED my friend on beam mp and Abusing his powers and being very aggressive and very rude to other people. He threatened me and other people He been very racist to other people and doing a lot of ■■■■


We do not have a staff member with the username “Hauntive” on the BeamMP team. It is likely that you were not on an official BeamMP server. Private server owners reserve the right to refuse or deny access to their servers at will and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the BeamMP team. While it is unfortunate that you had this negative experience on the platform, and we apologize for it, we cannot host this post on the forums, especially without proof provided.

My recommendation would be to refrain from playing on random public servers to avoid anything like this in the future. It would be best to play on official BeamMP servers or servers with established Discord communities and staff where everyone is held to standards by rules and consequences.

Hope this helps,

Not a support request for official BeamMP infrastructure.