Have a Blackscreen epilepsy when launching with Beamp

I have a proble, where i get a Blackscreen epilepsy trigger right when i start Beamng with Beamp. But when i start Beamng normal, i can play it totaly normal. The Blackscreen epilepsy only happens when Beamng has been startet with Beamp and will dissapear like that when i close it. I had a bug like that before but worse, where i had to hard restart my pc because i would be stuck without any options even after closing. I already tryed it with using the newest installer that is freshly downloaded and used the beamp folder without moving the other files as the start.

Aaaaand it seems like the Blackscreen stuff after closing the game didnt dissapeared. It came back after i tryed it again.

To use the BeamMP mod, all you have to do is launcher the BeamMP launcher and it will start the game for you, if you are running BeamNG and then launching the launcher, it will cause issues (sometimes) like you are describing.

If this doesnt work, please make sure that BeamMP is allowed through windows firewall and any to all antivirus software you have.

I have tried it, but it didnt fixed it. And what i noticed is that my Antivirus and Firewall didnt had any interventions on the game.