Help - Issue with installation / BeamMP Being removed (Possible AV issue)

ok i have a problem when i try to installl beam mp. i’ve looked at other discussions and haven’t seen anyone else have this problem. when i click to install it it says warning 1909. could not create shortcut verify that the destination folder exists and that you can access it. i have no idea what it means by that and i feel like its something really simple that im just too ■■■■ to understand but i dont know.

is your beamNG installed where it goes by default or did you change it to somewhere else?

@Anonymous275 !1608760200682-2eeb8dcc-97cc-4c76-9ada-f9b4e97d670b-image.png everytime i try to install it it tells me this, and then it says that it is installed, but when i launch beam ng it isnt there

hello, can you send a screenshot? If that warning did not result in any issues then it’s all good :slight_smile:

This sounds like an antivirus removing it. Please can you tell us if you have antivirus running? If so it hopefully will show you the detection history? If so can you share this with us so we can see why it is flagging it.

@anonymous275 ok i solved the problem. i changed the location of the file to my downloads and it installed just fine. but now i have a different problem. when i install it and then launch it, it does some loading and then just completely disappears from where i put it.

Sounds like an antivirus / protected directory issue make sure you have both options checked out before installing