Help: My friends cant configure vehicles but I can

Im hosting the server on the PC I play on, I use direct connect to join
The server is not listed as private so they join by searching it up.

In game I can customize my vehicles completely (engine turbo transmission diff) you get the point, they cannot. The parts drop down menu doesn’t show up for either of them. Please help…
Ive also asked for help in the discord but with no luck… Please send help!!! :slight_smile: Thank you!!

i have never heared about anyone with this issue before. Do you guys use mods on the server? Try a vanilla server, if it works there, then some mod on your server probably causes this

Problem Resolved. It was the mod – easycustomengines, server side. Weird that I could customize everything but they couldn’t. However removing that mod fixed the issue. Thank you!

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